About Us

Service with a Smile

HN English Education is a fast-growing Sino-Canadian company created by three performance-driven industry experts with over 8 years of experience in educational services staffing from across the world.Thanks to globalization and consistent economic growth, the demand for the English language is very high in China. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of monotonous advertisements in multiple websites scattered over the internet which makes it difficult and confusing for a qualified candidate to select a suitable position from a quality employer that they can trust.

At HN English Education, our mission is to connect teachers with trusted employers to help them get the best teaching positions in all of China. A teaching position that best fits your requirements, and compliments your skills and qualifications, meet the expectation of your desired salary and matches your interests. The best of all, you get an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience; a chance to immerse yourself in a culturally rich and diverse atmosphere.

We have professional partnership and connections with a large number of public and private schools including primary, middle, and high schools that have open positions for both experienced and new English teachers. Moreover, we have connections with schools in over 50 different cities in China. So, no matter your location preference, salary ,security, student age, and school type - we can find a position just right for you.

At present, we have open positions for both experienced and beginner candidates who are looking for an opportunity to receive a better salary, competitive benefits, explore new cultures, learn Mandarin, visit endless travel places, meet people from all over the world and boost their resume with international experience